Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tiny corner benches

Shelter from the rain and snow and a teensy place for two people to sit to wait for the school bus.  I found these benches in Port Orchard.  It looked to me like someone stole the board that was to go on top of the braces so the triangles were substituted. . . but who really knows the story behind these tiny benches. . .


  1. Not a lot of room , here, but two benches anyway!I consider them a great find, even if they are poor and simple!
    PS: the yesterday's chapel is right beside the tall metal Virgin statue I posted on my main blog. It's around 15 kms away from my home.

  2. Haha.. fun to see.. but not maybe so fun to sit.. at least not for a longer time.. But when the rain comes, it's a good shelter I think.. ;)