Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chest porch bench

When I saw this bench, this is all I could see of it.  I got brave and went into the yard to take a better view and am glad I did. . . and that no one came outside to chase me off. Nice bench on the old house porch.


  1. Haha, Paulie becoming an outlaw because of benches!!:)))i'm sure you would never have done that before!!
    BTW, I'm wondering if it's the same house than yesterday?..
    The bench was worth of it: a beautyful wooden one, with room under the seat to keep cushions.
    But please, be careful! Ü

  2. I like this kind of bench, the kind you can sit on but also keep cushions, blankets and other useful items.

  3. This is the kind of bench I should like to have somewhere in my house. It's handy for storing things.