Saturday, October 16, 2010

Foldable picture bench

 This simple style bench folds up and packs away easily.  The seat goes up and the two backs just slide together.  The carnival people at the Clark County Fair brought several with them.  They were always filled with people so it took me many tries to finally get an empty one. Well, almost empty . . .


  1. That's a clever bench: easy to carry, with advertising, and being used where and when you need it..great find

  2. These are cool! Like folding chairs, but benches instead!
    The fountain in my post really is a fountain, even though it looks like a candle! It's a table-top model, and even looks like a candle when it's going from a light inside that shines through the water "flame."

  3. Makes me think of an easel. Neat bench, Paulie. God bless.

  4. Special drawings.. but I still want the one or the two benches above this post... :))
    Have a nice evening Paulie! :)